Studio Policy

Thank you for checking out Piano Lessons with Mrs. Rachel!
  • My studio is off of Valley Center Road in my home. 
  • Lessons are done in person.
  • Online lessons are used during times of illness and/or as needed.
  • Individulaized curriculum.
  • I am able to create an inviting environment for learning with the studio design. 
  • Music Teacher Helper is the online program used for reminders, invoicing and weekly lesson updates.
  • For children with allergies: I have a lab who will be in his kennel or in the back yard during lessons.  We do have peanut butter and dairy in the home.
  • I offer daytime and early evening lessons back-to-back as students get the opportunity to meet other students and hear music that brings them back to starting out or they recognize the songs or are encouraged to keep practicing. 
  • Caregivers are welcome to stay or drop off students.
  • When I have siblings as students, lessons are scheduled in blocks of time.
  • Young siblings can quietly enjoy listening to the lesson while playing with multiple items I have available or can be entertained with things brought from home.  WiFi available.
I hope to hear from you soon to set-up a FREE "Meet and Greet Lesson!"

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