Rachel Waterman Bio
Rachel Waterman is an experienced Professional Teacher in Private Piano Instruction and Early Childhood Music and Movement in the Gallatin Valley. She is a Certified Royal Conservatory of Music Elementary Piano Specialist and a Certified MusikGarten Instructor in Babies, Preschoolers and Family Music.  She has a B.S. in Business Management and has audit credits towards Elementary Music Education at Montana State University. Rachel yearly strengthens her background with continuing education courses in piano, early childhood, pedagogy and/or general music.  Mrs. Rachel plays piano for special occasions upon request.

Mrs. Rachel formally opened her piano studio in 2000. She believes that creating a solid base in music theory while learning to make music in a creative environment will allow for a lifetime of musical enjoyment!  She specializes in tailoring her piano lessons to match the student's styles and interests with a successful progression plan.  Students are matched with a method book and are taught repertoire that is engaging and fulfills the National standards of music according to the student's age. The benefits and skills students learn while taking piano lessons from Mrs. Rachel helps students grow musically and in multiple areas of life.  For pre-piano students, Mrs. Rachel has taught children who are 2-6 years old in various Montessori and childcare settings since 2011. She uses unique curriculums influenced by MusikGarten programming, Solfege and Gordon Rhythms that focus on the ability of music to enhance the stages of childhood development. Various "songs that teach," are also included each month to encourage children to apply music to daily activities and the changing seasons. 

Any type of music nurtures a child through a creative experience, can provide an emotional outlet and/or expand life skills.  I love that as a music teacher I can provide an entrance into the musical world.  Mrs. Rachel has the opportunity to share music with ~25 piano students and ~75 Montessori & childcare children per year.  Thank you to all of my dedicated children, families and schools!